Principal Advisor- Strategy & Innovation

Clifford D. Jolly

Cliff is the Chief Strategist for the Alt-Asset group. Current activities include Additive Software® (a next-generation 5-D Graphical Financial & Business Process Management productivity solution), a fully-featured Technology/Retail Innovation Center portfolio model for 21st-Century Global Cities, and Sustainable Chemical Processes (clean process catalysts, environmental sensors & PaaS data system) for both industrial and advanced aerospace life support system applications. Cliff’s core competencies are Market Strategy, Product Innovation and Process Development. His primary areas of expertise are in product design, market analysis, process economics, technology & financial management, chemical process development, heterogeneous catalysis, advanced water treatment, health and scientific instrumentation, and environmental chemistry.

He has led the innovation and commercialization of seven industrial process technologies (inclusive of manufacturing and marketing), in addition to a number of retail consumer products (Detailed Project List). Cliff has previously held positions as an industrial process technology company CEO, an energy program manager for a Fortune 500 science & technology company, a principal research scientist and business development manager for an aerospace (Space Station & Shuttle) firm, a high school & collegiate baseball coach for 6 years, a research scientist at a major university National Science Foundation-funded biomedical laboratory, and a transaction control manager at a retail bank operations center.

He has conducted extensive on-site research on the effects of globalization on industries and firms, and the macroeconomic and sociopolitical forces affecting corporations. He has worked & conducted research in over 40 countries, and holds an MBA in Global Management from Georgetown University Schools of Business and Foreign Service in Washington, DC, and an Executive Master’s in Marketing & Corporate Social Responsibility from ESADE Business School in Barcelona. He also has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Arizona State University in Tempe, and has completed the Private Equity Program at the London Business School. Cliff holds six (6) US Patents and is the author of over forty (40) refereed technical publications and reports. He has received five (5) NASA Certificates of Recognition for space flight and commercial technology developments, a NASA Space Act Award, and was NASA “Inventor of the Year” in 1994.

Principal Advisor- Clean Technology

Dr. James F. White

Dr. White is Principal Advisor on Clean Technology has more than 45 years of diverse industrial experience in catalyst technology, and is generally considered to be an icon in the industry. His industrial experience includes catalyst discovery, catalyst synthesis and development, catalyst scale-up, characterization and manufacturing, process development, technical service, quality control, and transitioning new discoveries from lab to a manufacturing environment.

Jim’s accomplishments include development and scale-up of over 65 different catalysts and catalytic processes. Dr. White has significant technology experience that can be applied in the field of petroleum-based and renewable biobased processes for the production of many high volume and high value-added chemicals and feedstocks. Dr. White obtained his PhD from Akron University in the field of organometallic catalysis and a BS in chemistry from Mount Union College, and was honored with the Paul N Rylander award for excellence in catalysis by the Organic Reactions Catalyst Society (2014). 

Principal Advisor- Public Policy

Dr. Wayne Allard

Dr. Wayne Allard is the Principal Advisor on Public Policy. He specializes on issues related to energy,  health, defense, security, transportation and land use, as well as having broad experience in financial and governmental budget policies. Prior to re-entering the private sector, Wayne  served for 12 years in the U.S. Senate on such key committees as Appropriations, Intelligence, Banking and Urban Affairs, Agriculture, Armed Services, and Interior. He also served for 3 terms in the U.S. House of Representatives on Budget, Small Business, Agriculture and Natural Resources committees; and in the Colorado state senate for 6 years on Agriculture, Business, Education, and Appropriations committees. Dr. Allard was elected to numerous leadership positions in the U.S. Senate, House of Representatives and the Colorado State Senate.

As a strong proponent of a broad-based energy policy, Dr. Allard founded the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Caucus in the U.S. Senate in 1998, and served as its Co-Chairman until 2009. He was also founder of the Congressional Space Caucus.

Dr. Allard’s current business interests are in adaptation of business strategies to changing public policy environments, health monitoring & instrumentation, global export & energy strategies, and analysis of the effects of government policies on investment strategies.

From 1968 to 1991 he was CEO of a large regional veterinary practice and served as a local health officer.  Wayne received his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Colorado State University in 1967.