Alternative Asset Management

Technology Investment Due Diligence

Alternative Asset Management

The Alternative Asset group manages structured investment vehicles for both

direct and syndicated investments.

Technology Investment Support for Institutional & Strategic Investors

The Alternative Asset group understands technology, with three decades of direct hands-on technology product and process development experience that simply does not exist at most firms. We perform objective assessments of technological approaches and strategies, utilize a four-tiered analytical process to quantify company financial condition, assess market growth potential and value drivers, assess industry competitive and macro overlay environments, and evaluate investor behavioral influences on technologies, technology firms and fund managers.

We will give you an objective assessment originating from fundamental scientific principles, engineering experience, and process economics.

Geopolitical Policy & Strategy

Macroeconomic & Geopolitical Analyses are core to our capabilities.

We continuously evaluate global market dynamics and political forces to determine their impact on people, businesses, and the health of the environment across the globe.

"There is always a way to do it better... Find it."

-Thomas A. Edison